COVID–19 Resources for Farmers

April 3, 2020 /

On Friday, April 3, Fall Line hosted a webinar for its farmers and other interested Ag community members focused on the potential repercussions of the COVID-19 virus on farmers and farm operations. Below is a description of the webinar, and we have posted a recording of the event available for viewing by anyone interested. In addition, we have posted the slides presented from the event as well as some links to additional resources that may be helpful. As additional information becomes available, and as conditions warrant, we will add more information to this page for community benefit.

COVID-19 Impact on Farming Operations: Risks and Mitigation Strategies

The unprecedented situation caused by the spread of COVID-19 has been slow to affect farmland regions, but conditions are changing daily and impact on farming operations could be significant. We believe the risk and magnitude of impact can be reduced with advanced planning and application of best practices. Please join us for a discussion of COVID-19 as it relates specifically to farming and what you can do today to manage the risk it poses to your operation.

Discussion Topics

  • Current situational update and potential impacts to farms (Eric O’Brien, Fall Line)
  • Status and timeline of vaccine and therapy development (Dr. Andrey Zarur, Greenlight Bio)
  • Applicability and accessibility to farmers of recent government stimulus programs (Paul Neiffer, CLA)
  • Fall Line recommendations and assistance (Clay Mitchell, Fall Line)



  • Eric O’Brien, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Fall Line Capital

Webinar Recording



Estate Planning follow-up information from Jon Septer at Maslon, LLP.