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We invest in technologies that will have a big impact on food and agriculture. We leverage our land holding expertise to add value and improve chances of success.


Our team’s combination of experience in both venture capital and agriculture makes Fall Line a unique capital partner for early-stage technology companies focused on our market. We provide the guidance, experience, and expertise of a Silicon Valley venture capital firm in tandem with deep domain expertise that can meaningfully add value to companies bringing innovation in agriculture technology.

As a result of our unique position in the market, we can function both as a traditional early-stage investor as well as a strategic investor without some of the tradeoffs that often come with strategic investors. We are willing to test new products on our land, and we can become meaningful customers of those companies whose products provide us with a measurable advantage in the market.

Fall Line has developed a highly curated portfolio of investments across biotechnology, software, hardware and food. In each of our investments, we consider both how we can add value to the company and how the company can eventually add value to our agrifood system. If you have an opportunity that you would like us to review, or if you have any questions about our investment criteria or focus areas, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Fall Line Tech Investments

Agrofy logo

Online Ag marketplace

Benson Hill logo

Crop design platform

Bonsai logo

Vision-based automation

Chunk Foods logo

Whole-cut, plant-based steaks


Networking for autonomous systems

FarmWise logo

Computer vision-based field automation

Granular logo

Farm management software

GreenLight logo

RNAi for Ag and human health applications

Guardian Agriculture

Drone sprayer systems

Plant-based meat substitutes

Lithos logo

Enhanced weathering for soil pH and CO2 removal

Lumo logo

Automated irrigation controls and software

Mazen Animal Health logo

Oral vaccines production in corn

Organic and non-GMO market data

Mermade Foods logo

Algae-based platform for cultivated seafood

Micropeptides platform for novel crop protection

Planet logo

Satellite imagery

Pluton Biosciences

Microbial discovery platform

Rantizo logo

Drone sprayer systems

ripple logo

Plant-based dairy substitutes

smartwyre logo

Online Ag marketplace

Sound logo

Crop enhancement chemistry

Swift Navigation logo

Precision GPS hardware and software

Trace logo

Soil diagnostics

Anti-allergy food and therapeutics platform

Innovative metals technology

Software for machinery path planning

Wild Microbes logo

Recombineering to domesticate microbes