Reinventing investment in broadacre farmland and agricultural technologies.

Our focus is to realize untapped productivity in farmland.

We achieve this by purchasing and actively managing farmland throughout the United States, and by investing in technology companies that are strategic to our land holdings. We are not a typical investor in farmland. We understand that every piece of land is different, and we take an active role in developing a plan to uniquely fit its particular characteristics and maximize its potential in conjunction with the farmer to whom we lease it.

We are not a typical landlord. We have assembled a skill set and experience base to significantly improve the quality and productivity of our farmland, and we work directly with farmers to make capital improvements and introduce new technologies to their farming operations.  We take a long-term, relationship-oriented approach, and can tailor leases to fit a wide array of situations, always with the goal of aligning interests toward optimizing farm productivity and preserving soil quality.

In conjunction with our investments in farmland, we also invest in agricultural technology companies. When we can bring together the right new technologies with optimal farming practices, step-function increases in productivity are possible. Our team’s world-class background in both venture capital and farming positions us not only to leverage the technologies of our portfolio companies across our farmland, but to add unprecedented value to the companies themselves.