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Clay Mitchell and Eric O'Brien walking in a field
May 2, 2023

Today, Eric O’Brien and Clay Mitchell, the founders of Fall Line, launched an expansion of Fall Line Fieldnotes as a podcast that dives into innovations in AgTech, FoodTech, and farming. These episodes cover the stories of entrepreneurs and farmers shaping the future of agriculture and food production. 

As a firm, we are constantly scanning the landscape of new technologies, from robotics and AI to biotech and carbon. We leverage our technology and field experience to identify scalable solutions. This podcast highlights current agricultural challenges, sustainable solutions, and new technologies shaping how land and technology work together.

With the Fall Line Fieldnotes podcast, Clay and Eric bring together in-house expertise and industry leaders on topics such as:  

  • Biotechnology as it relates to crop and food production
  • Software and automation that will improve the efficiency of farming operations and the ag supply chain
  • Other new technologies that we believe will become critical to food and ag over the next decade
  • ESG and impact

Listen to Fall Line Fieldnotes wherever you get your podcasts to see how our ecosystem is elevating the state of the agricultural industry.

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